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"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"
- Mark Van Doren


Led by experienced presentation coach, host, facilitator, moderator & role-player, Jacqueline Chow together with her diverse team of trainers,  the A.C.T team is always ready to help take you and your team to the next level. With our strong theatre & corporate training  background and the only actor-centric corporate training team in Singapore, allow us to show you how to weave drama techniques and use it to your advantage through our fun and engaging sessions.

Jacq Chow Corporate Training

Jacqueline Chow – Lead Trainer – Presentation Coach, Facilitator, Role-player

– Business Administration (2nd Upper Hons), National University of Singapore
– Masters of Science in Management (MSc), National University of Singapore

Jacqueline is a coach, trainer, curriculum designer and corporate role-player with experience in developing and delivering a variety of training programs for both the public and private sector. 

She is effective in facilitation in English and Mandarin. She has delivered programs regionally and in China. Programs include Presentation Skills, Storytelling in a Business Context, Diversity & Inclusion, Communication & Influencing Skills, Executive Presence, Personal Branding, Elevator Pitch and Professional Behaviours in the Workplace.

Jacqueline has taught a Presentation Skills Course in the Singapore Management University where she designed the curriculum. She also conducts one-to-one presentation coaching for corporate professionals, in person and virtually. 

Her background as an actress in theatre, television, film and commercial has cultivated in her skills in characterization and improvisation, which are valuable assets as a corporate role player. She has lent her expertise to training programs for government bodies and industries such as banking, insurance, consultancy, logistics and manufacturing. 

Jacqueline is a professional emcee for regional conferences, product launches and gala dinners. A television presenter for business and lifestyle programs, she has interviewed prominent business leaders, politicians, medical experts and social workers. This has honed her appreciation for thorough preparation for performing on a job and the ability to adapt and engage different audiences


Serene Chen Corporate Training

Serene Chen – Facilitator, Role-player

– BArts Honours (2nd Upper) English Language & Theatre Studies, National University Of Singapore
– Republic Polytechnic: Certified Problem-based Facilitator

Serene graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours (2nd Upper Division), majoring in English Language and Theatre Studies. She has worked professionally in radio and television, and was a pioneer teaching staff at Republic Polytechnic where she continues to teach. She is also a three-time winner of the Straits Times Life Theatre Awards for Best Supporting Actress, in 2004 (Landmarks: Asian Boys Volume 2; Wild Rice), 2014 (8 Women; S’ing Theatre) and 2016 (Public Enemy; Wild Rice). Serene has over 15 years’ experience as a role-player and facilitator across a wide portfolio of clients. She works across the spectrum of communication skills training, helping people with their professional and personal development. She has delivered courses on leadership and various aspects of people development for, amongst others, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, oil majors, technology companies, law firms, hospitals and NGOs. She has worked as a facilitator for a variety of organisations and at different levels up to Senior Executive roles. She has worked on a range of courses covering subjects such as leadership, presentation skills, personal impact, coaching, feedback, influencing and persuading, negotiation, interview skills, ambush interviews, whistle-blowing and breaking bad news. She has also worked extensively on programmes looking at diversity and intercultural communication for a variety of clients. Serene has also taught film acting at National University of Singapore and at Republic Polytechnic, she lectures in theatre history, art history, creative concepts and other modules. As a professional actress, Serene is comfortable in one-to-one and group settings. She is comfortable in English and Mandarin.

Brendon Fernandez Corporate Training

Brendon Fernandez – Facilitator, Role-player

– BSocSci (Hons), Communications & New Media, National University of Singapore

Brendon has been working in drama-based training for over a decade, as a role-play actor and facilitator, both in Singapore and across Asia. 

He has delivered programs in such areas as leadership development, executive presence, personal impact & negotiation, feedback skills, coaching for performance, breaking language barriers, and diversity & inclusion. 

In this work, Brendon has experience employing a variety of training techniques, including forum theatre, coaching, and one-to-one role-plays (scripted, improvised, or bespoke). He prides himself on his ability to deliver accurate, timely, feedback to his clients, in order to facilitate their acquisition of key competencies in business communication. 

Brendon also works as an actor in theatre, a presenter for television, and a teacher at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Gerald Chew Corporate Training

Gerald Chew – Presentation Skills Coach, Facilitator, Role-player

– B.A. in English Literature, Loughborough University, U.K.
– M.A. in Advanced Theatre Practice, Central School of Speech and Drama, London, U.K.

Gerald Chew has been working in the corporate learning environment for 15 years. As a presentation skills coach and facilitator he draws from a rich and varied background as a director, actor and teacher in film and theatre; as well as journalism, media and communications. Rooted in the art of story telling and communicating messages that engage in an experiential and sensory way, Gerald believes that everyone is capable of presenting the best version of themselves in any public speaking arena. He works from the individual, developing each person’s confidence in his/her innate strengths step by step; ultimately working toward a renewed sense of self and a consciousness of each individual’s unique, innate qualities that will aid in conveying his or her messages and personal brand effectively with character and colour. 

He has conceived and conducted Presentation Skills, Impact and Presence sessions for Publicis Media, Ink Publishing, ST Engineering, The Singapore Air Show, the Singapore Stock Exchange and The School of Positive Psychology. 

As a business role-player and facilitator, Gerald has worked with learning and development programmes of major multi-national companies based in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region for over 10 years. Programmes he has worked in cover a range of skills and concentrations such as Coaching, Feedback Skills, Career Conversations, Managing and Coaching Performance, Engaging in Difficult Conversations, Diversity and Inclusion, Presentation and Forum Theatre Style pod facilitation, Sales Negotiation Skills. 

He is also an accomplished professional actor and director in theatre, television and film, having worked in over 70 professional productions locally and internationally, in the course of a 25 year career. He also works as a presenter and speaker for live events and forums; as well on other recordable media like film, video, animation, websites and audio books.


Pavan Singh

Pavan Singh – Facilitator, Role-player

– BA in Acting (First class honours), LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
– BSc in Information Systems and Management (Second class lower), University of London (External)
– Diploma in Economics, London School of Economics (External)

Pavan is a freelance actor and theatre Artist in Singapore, and has worked for numerous theatre companies and film production houses in Singapore and Malaysia since 1998. Some of his theatre credits include the Joel Pommerat’s The Reunification of the Two Koreas (TheatreWorks 2018), Jean Tay’s Chinatown Corssings (Drama Box 2018), Haresh Sharma’s This Chord and Others (Esplanade: The Studios 2017), Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Theatre of Others 2017), his original works Refuge and The Boy and the Curse of the Magic-Far-Seeing Thing (Skinned Knee Productions 2016) and The Man Who by Peter Brook and Marie Helene Estienne (Hot Chocolate Theatre 2016) amongst many others which span over a 20 year career in the arts. 

He is also a highly experienced role-player and corporate trainer, having worked in this capacity since 2009. Prior to becoming a full-time actor, Pavan was a marketing executive for a multinational corporation – LexisNexis® for 4 years. His experience in the corporate environment coupled with his expertise as an actor gives him the ability to truthfully portray characters in a business organisation while simultaneously analysing behaviour to provide valuable feedback. 

His corporate training activities encompass:
Presentation Skills, Feedback Skills for Improving Team Members’ Effectiveness, Managing and Influencing Up, Diversity and Inclusion, Challenging Conversations, Coaching Skills, Critical Communications, Client Handling and Communication, Behaviour Recognition and Interview Skills.


Magdalene See Corporate Training

Magdalene See –  Role-player

– Bachelor with Honours (2nd Upper) in Communication Studies. Nanyang Technological University

Magdalene is a professional actress with an extensive portfolio in corporate roleplay, television and film. Adept in characterization and improvisation, she has over a decade’s worth of experience in helping companies achieve their training goals through bespoke corporate role-plays. Her training in communication skills enables her to give valuable feedback to participants on presentation skills, interpersonal and non-verbal communication styles. Her ability to ask good questions also makes her a great facilitator who helps participants arrive at key learning objectives through self-discovery. 

Magdalene has helped deliver training programs in leadership development, coaching, handling objections, negotiation, conflict resolution and personality profiling. She has worked with clients from both the private and public sector in the banking, infocommunication, logistics and oil industries. 

Magdalene is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. She is also known for her work as a film and television actress, event emcee, content producer and presenter


Rayann Condy

Rayann Condy – Facilitator, Role-player

– BA in Acting (Honours), LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore 

Rayann began working in the corporate training arena in 1999, role playing as a criminal for the West Australian Police Force. In 2005 she relocated to Singapore and now delivers programs there and across South East Asia.

She has experience in areas including coaching, performance management, leadership development, influencing skills, understanding difference, unconscious bias and personal branding. Her clients include Standard Chartered, Telstra, Skyscanner, Shell, BASF, BP, Novartis and Accenture.

Rayann is passionate about creating engaging and meaningful learning environments through targeted use of theatrical tools. For example immersive simulation experiences, role-play (scripted, improvised or bespoke) and forum theatre. On both a personal and professional level she is invested in diversity and inclusion work. She volunteers with women’s advocacy group Aware and has recently started a Masters with a focus on gender representation issues.

Rayann is a part-time lecturer at LASALLE College and she is also a TV and theatre director.